My Thoughts on VC and Entrepreneurship- Podcast Edition

I had the opportunity to be interviewed in a podcast with Erika Lucas, co-founder of StitchCrew, an accelerator in Oklahoma City that works with early stage technology companies. The purpose of the interview was to share insights on how investors think and how entrepreneurs should prepare themselves when raising capital from investors. I want to give a shout out to Erika for the opportunity to … Continue reading My Thoughts on VC and Entrepreneurship- Podcast¬†Edition

Book Review: The Startup MixTape

I recently reviewed a new book called The Startup MixTape written by a friend of mine, Elliott Adams. The book provides a comprehensive approach to the methods entrepreneurs use to start and grow successful companies. In my opinion, this book is perfect for anyone who is looking for an all-in-one summary of the steps involved with getting a new company off the ground. The book … Continue reading Book Review: The Startup MixTape

Current Environment in VC (brief)

Overall, the VC market is experiencing significant growth. In the last two years, deal value has reached a combined $160 billion value. This number will likely increase as the results for the fourth quarter are not yet included. While valuations have increased across the board, pricing for companies in Series A rounds remains relatively tame compared to later stage funding rounds where median valuations have … Continue reading Current Environment in VC (brief)

Spur Thoughts on Performance Persistence in Venture Capital

  This blog post was written in collaboration with one of my partners at Spur Capital, Paul Gompers. It is a delight to work with Paul as he is widely respected in the venture capital community and his professional and personal accomplishments seem endless. Paul’s research on the topic of performance persistence in entrepreneurship was used throughout this blog post. We hope you enjoy it. … Continue reading Spur Thoughts on Performance Persistence in Venture Capital